UPDATE 14/10/2021

Due to the current uncertainty of restrictions, regulations and vaccination requirements we are suspending operations until further notice.

Now for the good news. We have started up our Rogue Creations NZ side hustle, creating and shipping to you Art and Jewellery produced by us. This is to keep us going until we are able to resume our Rogue Pony Experiences and Private Tours. If you are wanting to support a small tourism business in these troubled times then check out our offerings over on the new website


or check our Rogue Creations NZ social media



We are happily offering 100% refund to those that have already booked and will jump back in once things settle down to a point that we are happy to operate.

Keep safe and happy.
Mark and Tui



Previous updates->

16th September 2021 = Since the 9th of September we have been at Level 2 while Auckland is still at the highest Level 4. We are currently operating and are following all government requirements.

5th September 2021 = On the 18th August the country moved to Level 4 to contain the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. Northland, where we are based, moved down to Level 3 on the 3rd September and we will still be unable to operate until at least Level 2.

11th March 2021 = Yay, Level 1 across the country and Level 2 in Auckland and back to normal up here in the Bay of Islands.

28th February 2021 = Here we go again, back into a more stringent alert level. Refer to the 15th Feb update below for how it affects our bookings.

17th February 2021 = At midnight tonight we move back to Covid alert level 1 (the lowest restriction), so we are back to normal and operating as usual. However if you are from Auckland we will be unavailable, as you are at level 2 until at least midnight on Monday  22nd Feb. If you have a booking during this time you will receive a full refund.

15th February 2021 = As of Midnight last night the country has gone back into the Level 2 alert level (and Auckland into Level 3). Due to the new more infectious strains becoming more common, an “abundance of caution”, and the number of at risk people in our family household we have made the decision to only open when our region is at Level 1. If you have a booking during this time you will receive a full refund.

5th October 2020 = As of Thursday the 8th the whole country will be at the least restrictive Level 1 alert level. We will still be using the simplified measures below for your safety.

25th September 2020 = We are back to Level 1 (or level 2 if you are in Auckland), almost back to normal again!

Our new simplified measures are:-

Hand Sanitizer is provided.
We have the NZ Govt Covid tracer app posters.
Stay home if you are feeling unwell.
Full refund if you need to cancel.

12th August 2020 = We are back to Level 2 until Friday 14th August at the earliest (or level 3 if you are in Auckland). For us that means increased safety measures.

Mask use while in our vehicles or workshops.
Hand Sanitizer is provided for use.
Contact tracing details required for all guests.
Contactless payments preferred.
We have the Covid tracer app posters.
Stay home if you are feeling unwell.
Full refund if you need to cancel.

9th June 2020 = Today was the first day of Level 1 in New Zealand. Even though this means the country’s border is still closed the rest of the country can operate with no other conditions.

If you are in NZ you can book and we look forward to meeting you soon.

If you are currently overseas then we are happy to take tentative bookings and make any changes if your schedule requires. Pop us an email and we will sort things out for you.

23rd May 2020 = On the 14th the country went to Level 2 and has been clarifying the contact tracing and operating conditions for businesses. After reviewing the requirements we can now operate safely with a few conditions.

1) If your booking can’t go ahead for any Covid-19 related reason you will get a full refund,
2) Contact tracing details will be collected before commencement of your booking,
3) Please follow all public health guidelines about personal interactions outside your bubble (don’t go out if you are symptomatic, have been in contact or are isolating),
4) We may have to cancel the booking at short notice if we need to follow public health guidelines (we have the sniffles),
5) You may not get your first choice of vehicle due to cleaning, timing or stand down for hygiene reasons.

28th April 2020 = Today is the start of the road to recovery for the NZ economy with the reduction of the countries lockdown to Level 3 for at least the next two weeks. For Rogue Pony this has made no real change in the ability for us to operate and we will still not be available. The government guidelines for Level 2 suggest that unnecessary regional travel is discouraged and in the interests of doing our bit to keep everyone safe we will not be available until the country reaches at least Level 1. When this will occur is still uncertain and we will keep you informed with updates here as we find out.

March 24th 2020 = Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak and our government’s welcome decision to lock-down the entire country we will not be available for tours, taxis or transfers for at least the next month. We will keep you updated as the situation is constantly changing but rest assured we have shrunk the business to weather this out and will be ready to resume as soon as possible. We have closed all online availability until the end of June and anyone who books after that date will get a refund if the lockdown continues or you can’t make it to the Bay of Islands for any reason beyond your control.