One of the things we have discovered in setting up Rogue Pony Private Tours is there are a huge amount of online resources available. Knowing they exist is sometimes the first step in  making your travel planning easier because Google is only as good as the search that you enter. You don’t know what you don’t know….

Here are a few sites that we have discovered, use ourselves or we are listing on as they fit into our vibe!

  1. – for planning cruise ship shore excursions. Select the cruise you are on and it makes suggestions for each of the ports on your trip.
  2. TripAdvisor – for a second, third and more opinion on activities, accommodation and places to eat.
  3. Purple Hood Adventures – because Marie, the owner, is just a cool person who has similar values and vibe that resonates with us.
  4. Inspirock – similar to Shore Trips above but for independent travel not on cruise ships. Enter the places you want to go and when and it make suggestions as to what to do and where to stay and prepares a personalised itinerary just for you. Try out the widget below to make a plan that includes Rogue Pony in Paihia.
Plan what to do in Paihia with an itinerary including Rogue Pony Tours