On almost every one of our tours we get asked “Are we going to see a Kiwi bird today?”

Being a nocturnal, endangered, flightless and timid bird actually seeing one in the wild is very difficult. Most New Zealanders have not seen one in the wild or even seen one in captivity. We have been looking into developing a “Kiwi Experience” that has the most smiles per mile and have created the “Kiwi Hunt” set of tours. These get you to the Kiwi North facility before their morning feeding to give you the best chance to see live kiwi in as close to their natural habitat as possible. Kiwi North are part of the national kiwi recovery programme and raise kiwi chicks to breeding age to help increase the chances of our national icon surviving in the wild.

We also visit on these tours subtropical kauri forests, spectacular waterfalls and give you the chance to explore the funky art town of Kawakawa. There is the option of a visit to the marvel of the Kawiti Family Glow Worm Caves if you are wanting to go full NZ fauna and flora. Simply book a “Kiwi Hunt with Caves” private tour.

Ideal as a day trip from your hotel or shore excursion from your cruise ship in the Bay of Islands.