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Come with us on an adventure and be guided to the hidden delights that only we, the locals, know! Sit back, relax, let your hair down and enjoy the comfort of your very own Rogue Pony private tour of the Bay of Islands and the Far North.

Not just for show, our Jeep Wranglers can get you off the beaten track and immerse you in Northland’s stunning and remote scenery. Or if you’re flying solo, ask us about getting the top down in our new V8 Mustang. Mīharo!

Rogue Pony private tours are about showcasing the Bay of Islands as one of the finest locations in New Zealand particularly seen from our unique viewpoint. At Rogue Pony our private tours are about sightseeing but more importantly about quality and an undeniable hunger for adventure.

“We absolutely love this part of the world we call home and now our dream has come true: to be able to share it with you. We look forward to welcoming you soon, opening your world to the wonderful sights and sensations of Tai Tokerau” – Tui & Mark

When you book a Rogue Pony Jeep or Mustang tour it is locked in and confirmed. All of our tours are priced per vehicle with no minimum number of passengers. With only your group in the vehicle your private tour is always relaxed and designed to allow flexibility. It is your tour after all, and you should be able to do it your way.

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We have two beautiful new Jeep Wranglers to take our guests out on safari. Being 4WD they are in their element when we hit rural gravel roads on our tours. You have a lovely high view from the Jeeps and with air-conditioning available you will be cool and comfortable, or we can drop the top and let the wind blow the cobwebs out.

The prices includes up to four passengers in your group and if both of our Jeeps are available, we can cater for groups of up to eight. Simply book two Safaris and we will saddle up both wagons for you!


We have a selection of standard Jeep Safaris that you can choose from starting at 2 hours and extending up to a 10 hour trek. Some of them have a specific theme but all can be tailored to your individual tastes.

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We also have a selection of Jeep Excursions that are ideal if you are visiting from a cruise ship or are limited in your time in the Bay. They cover a selection of the top sights in the Bay of Islands, but also are designed to get you away from the crowds whenever possible.

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Let your hair down and enjoy a blast in our Mustang V8 Convertible. Since 1964 Mustangs were born to be saddled up and ridden and for owner and beast to live life to the fullest, with passion, and excitement.

Remember the buzz of getting your first car – possibly with a staggering 100 bhp if you were lucky, constantly working on it, tweaking it, modifying it and just cruising without a care? A trip in our Mustang often triggers all those lovely old memories of living the dream when you were younger and much more!

“Hearts flutter at the sheer mention of her, then knees start to tremble at the thought of possibly sitting in her. Just wait until we take you for a spin with her – your grin will start to ache and you get to understand what is special about Mustangs and muscle cars. The brakes are amazing, the control is wonderful, the engine is powerful, it is just an extraordinary machine.”

It is a wild beast, always pawing to get out, not designed to be let out once in a blue moon! Let Mark and “RIDEV8” ignite your spark in cars again.

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Keen on something that you can’t find on one of our standard tours? Let us know what you want to do and we will tailor you a custom outing to suit your tastes. We have a lovely selection of wineries and craft beers in the Bay of Islands and have beautiful chocolate, cheese and art galleries available too. No two tours are ever the same, as the interaction with our guests can steer the tour from a sightseeing tour, to a focus on dairy farming, history, art or whatever road we go down.

Do you like to sleep in? Short of time? Would you like your end your tour just before you get on your plane out of Kerikeri? We can work your tour time to suit your plans. Love taking pictures? We are always happy to stop in the perfect (and safe) position for you to take that once in a lifetime photo when a passenger calls out – “photo stop please”.  Have you been wanting to ask questions about NZ while you have been on holiday? Well on our tours, there is no set commentary, there is just you and your guide. We love answering our guest’s questions and engaging with them.

Let us know what you want